Symphony Request, Snacks Assessment, Wellness Committee, and more.

  1. Call to Order
  2. Welcome
  3. Roll Call

    1. Lea Chiavaras
    2. Sue Sweeney
    3. Therese Simpson
    4. Megan Field
    5. Angela Simonson
    6. Kim Lloyd
    7. Nann Parrett
  4. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
  5. Treasurer’s report:
    – A family made a private donation and wrote the check to the PTC, but all vote in favor of funding going to Sue Sweeney’s account.
    – Received check for McKenzie fundraiser: $117.78
    – Helena Community Credit Union currently has a special on 15-month CD, where we could get 1.45% interest. We have a $5,000 CD maturing February 7, and $10,1326 sitting in savings. Needing to determine whether we want to tie up funding for 15 months. If we get the LET’S JUST PLAY grant, we may need funding to match; however, judging from the assessment survey we sent out, parents thought outdoor equipment was a low funding priority.
  6. Librarian Report
    – Book fair is coming up Sending out requests for volunteers this week. We need three at 9 am on Saturday, Oct. 21.
    – Cases will be easier to organize, since they will have signage for types of books.
  7. Sweeney Report
    – Artist in residence coming the week after book fair. Will focus on songwriting with 4th and 5th graders in a three-hour session. Will spend an hour with Montessori, 45 minutes with first grade, and 30 minutes with kindergarteners. Wants to record four songs and offer them to parents for purchase.
    – Student council election and speeches Oct. 25. Student council gave PTC a check for $333, so PTC will write a check of $666 to pay for water filling station.
    – Nov. 8, celebration/honoring of Jody Delany as Centennial Teacher of the year at the Capital rotunda, 10am. Her class will go.
    – Carroll basketball game Nov. 8. Not sure yet if Broadwater is invited to go.
    – Oct. 25 picture retakes.
    – John and Honey Ring of White Knight want to have a shopping day Nov. 11, for 20% of all sales to go to Broadwater PTO. We will hand out slips on game night.
    – Parent/Teacher conferences Oct. 12. Ordering Bridge pizza for teachers’ dinner.
    – We had good attendance for APTP
    – Adopt a Species oct. 17 at 2:30
    – Great Montana Shakeout on 10/18 at 10:18 for earthquake drill.

Old Business
SURVEY RESULTS: 51 completed., 16 staff, 34 parents.
• Classroom supplies and money: 60.78%
• Technology: 56%
• Residencies/Guest speakers: 54%
• Field Trips: 50.98%
• Playground Equipment: 43.14%

– We should find out what teachers wanted specifically, because they rarely as for funding. Keep open the rest of October, and have a Chrome book open at game night. Analyze data for next meeting.
– WALK TO SCHOOL DAY: Went well. Don’t owe Sedexo money. Heidi and Lea working on Google doc. N33e to return hot chocolate containers on time.
– SPIRIT AND PRIDE: We get $2 for every item sold. Only t-shirts and sweatshirts.
– BOX TOPS: Spencers no longer does raffles. PTO will offer a $25 and %10 card.
– RECYCLING UPDATE: Going well. We have two student helpers.
– COLOR RUN: Date set for April 29. Nann to make reservation for the Fairgrounds. We need more people on the committee. Leave 10 slots open for volunteer signup.
– PICKLES SALES: Sue got Van’s phone number. We are currently too busy with raffle, so tabled until next meeting.
– RAFFLE: Everyone responsible for decorating their own baskets. Take pictures and send to Lea to post on Facebook. Post new item once a day.

  1. New Business– SYMPHONY REQUEST: Donating $125 unanimously approved.

– FOOD FOR PARENT/TEACHER MEETINGS: Providing Bridge pizzas. Drop off at 4:30
– TACO JOHNS: Sue to set date in Nov and coordinate.
– SNACKS: No longer getting snacks. PTC will assess need and provide snacks every month.
– GAME NIGHT: Oct. 26, 6-7:30. How many volunteer slots? Need 15 pizzas with smaller slices and precooked, premade salad, ice and salad dressing. Needing volunteers 5:36-6 for setup, 6-6:30 to feed, 6:30-6:45 to clean up. Everyone bring games if they have them.
– WELLNESS COMMITTEE: needing more members. So far: Sue, Nann, Becky, Kim Lloyd (from SNAP/ed program). We need a color run committee and a wellness committee.


  • Minutes out for approval and posted on the web (Nann, Lea)
  • Set up 15-month CD (Angela)
  • Send out request for volunteers for Book Fair (Lea?)
  • Pay $666 for Water Filling Station (Angela, Sue)
  • Make and distribute info slips for White Knight shopping day Nov. 11 (Sue?)
  • Get Chrome Book with Needs Assessment available for game night (Sue?)
  • Analyze Needs Assessment data for next meeting
  • Google Doc (Lea, Heidi)
  • Fairgrounds reservation for color run (Nann)
  • Set up color-run committee signup, 10 slots (Lea)
  • Gift cards ($10, $25) for box top winners (Lea, Angela, Sue)
  • Symphony Request $125 (Sue, Angela)
  • Parent/Teacher pizza order (Nann)
  • Set Taco John’s date (Sue)
  • Classroom Snacks: First-round Costco purchase (Nann); Monthly Assessment and report (Sue)
  • Game night pizza order: 15 pizzas, salad, ice (Lea, Angela)
  • Game night volunteer signup (Lea)
  • Raffle: send fliers for edits (Therese), Print (Angela), Photos of baskets to Lea for FB posts (Basket Assemblers)
  • Email asking for volunteers for color run and wellness committee (Lea)

Past Action Items Pending

  • Contact Mike (former PTC president) follow up on the sale of the old popcorn machine (Angela) (Is this resolved?)
  • Recommendations for fundraising efforts on the internet (Patti, Nann) (honestly, I’m not remembering what this is regarding, exactly. I will follow up with Patti to clarify.)
  • Create E-Newsletter through Mailchimp (Nann) (waiting until next meeting to determine domain issue)