An award-winning month for Broadwater teachers, holiday raffle, White Knight Games fundraiser, holiday concert and more.

In Attendance

  • Lea Chiavaras, President,
  • Patti Borneman
  • Cherelyn Routzahn
  • Therese Simpson
  • Angela Simonson, Treasurer
  • Sue Sweeney, Principal
  • Megan Field

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

  • Lea made a motion to approve the October minutes. Sue seconded the motion and it passed.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Angela gave the treasurer’s report. Funds are coming in from raffle ticket sales. The cost of printing the raffle flyers was high; next year may use colored paper instead of colored ink. School directory printing is supposed to be paid by PTC, but the last one paid by the PTC was in 2014. Lea requested approved to pay a $121 invoice for printing for school directory and all

Librarian’s Report (via Lea)

  • Game Night attendance was up. Will get report from Marla on Book Fair at next meeting.

Principal’s Report

  • Award-winning month for Broadwater teachers: Great Conversations (Marla), Beth, Jodi and Riann all received grants or awards that will be used in the
  • Taco John Night, fundraiser on November 16 – coupons sent home with
  • Kiwanis BUGS program – end of each trimester
  • Thanksgiving break is November 22-24.
  • Angel Fund fundraiser at On Broadway, Monday November 20
  • Dental screening, November 28
  • November 29 is the end of the school schedule first
  • Festival of Trees – special showing for SPED kids on November 30. Private viewing in morning.
  • Site visit from OPI MTSS on November 30
  • Caroling is December
  • 47% students on list for free and reduced meals this year. Low for
  • An anonymous donor in the neighborhood is donating $200 per month to Broadwater. It was suggested that they make the donation to the PTC, so they can get the tax deduction. The funds can be used by the school for any needs they
  • This is the last year a quilt will be raffled at the holiday program (the family that donated it is graduating). So, this year there will be two raffles, one quilt and one prize for a student to go to Elf Jr at the Grandstreet with Mrs.
  • Angela is analyzing data on the Needs Assessment survey and will report at the next meeting.
  • David Casey music/song writing residency, concert with kids was very successful. Four songs were published on a website and Patti will contact Annie Garde at Montana Public Radio to ask if the songs can be played on the children’s program, the Pea Green

Box Tops – next deadline is March 1. Will ask for Box Tops to be turned in by February 16 and identified by class, so the winning class can have a pizza party. Send flyers home in January.

Spirit Wear – only 12 orders (maybe some ordered online). No cost to the school or PTC.

Raffle Update – Angela reported that so far the profit from ticket sales is $3,580.51. May use online raffle company next time. Action Print flyers were expensive. Drawing will be on Friday at 8 am. Honesty issue with tickets being sold, but money not turned in. All agreed that these situations are rare, so better to hand them out and expect payment to be turned in. Tickets that come in late can’t be drawn, so Angela will contact donors and offer to give money back.

White Knight Games – fundraiser will give 20% of sales on November 11 to benefit Broadwater. Lea said she heard it went well and will report on revenue at next meeting.

Game Night – over 80 came. Costco pizzas – $159. Nicer meal was appreciated. Pizza and salad.

Color Run will be Sunday April 29, at the fairgrounds. Lea and Nann are leading. Ramp up in January. Ask sponsors earlier, get flyers and banners out sooner. Different route. Delegate tasks.

Wellness Committee – Several adults signed up for this committee. Lea e-mailed the people who signed up thanking them. Hope is to get this committee meeting and active soon. Likely main goals for this group will be training for the Governor’s Run and Color Run, Turn off TV Week, and healthy snacks (to start).

Holiday Music Program is December 15. The traditional Bake Sale was discussed and after concerns about lack of volunteers, it was decided that the PTC will not sponsor/organize the bake sale. The PTC could possibly do a bake sale during the Missoula Children’s Theatre with a tea party theme (Alice in Wonderland will be the play). [Following this meeting, the Student Council decided to take on the bake sale at the Holiday Music performance.]

Website domain for newsletter and updates – Nann’s project, next year.

Ice skating rink –Helena Ice Arena is offering a time for Broadwater students/families to skate for $5 per person (includes skate rentals). Tabled for future discussion.

Lea said a parent asked (via Facebook message) if students can make/sign holiday cards for the troops and was assured that the school does this. Lea will contact the parent via Facebook to update him with this information.

Caroling – Sue will discuss with Mrs. Skogley about organizing the caroling this year. PTC members present at the meeting are unable to organize/attend it this year.

Meeting Adjourned.