Planning for MT Children’s Theatre, Fundraising Goals (what do teachers want?), Build-Our-Plate-Together food forum to discuss school meals, and more.


  • Lea Chiavaras
  • Nann Parrett
  • Sue Sweeney
  • Becky Albertson
  • Cherelyn Routzahn
  • Ilia  Balsley
  • Therese Simpson
  • Julie Johnson
  • Angela Simonson


  • Different every year regarding volunteer Depends on the needs of the instructors. Cherelyn will work with instructors on their needs when they arrive in Helena.
  • We provide meals for the No dietary restrictions. Third meal for Scogley and Saturday lunch.
  • Meal signup sent around. OK if they want to
  • Three meals for Thurs. Fri.
  • Shout outs – Cherelyn will hand out every
  • Charged $5 for adult for on $8. $2 for student one show, $3 for Everything sold at the door.
  • Goal is to make enough money to pay for next year (not a primary fundraiser for PTC)
  • $1 popcorn/candybar/water
  • Cinemark for popcorn. Someone to coordinate? (Therese Simpson to get for Saturday)
  • Need more bottled water. Lea will to get them (50-100)
  • Lea to try to get candybars/treats/fig bars from
  • Marla makes Biggest volunteer activity. Last year took photos Friday night during dress rehearsal, to get buttons done Friday night.
  • Group photo. Jan. 27
  • 7 people showed up. Nann taking photos. Take pics Fri and make
  • concession prep: popcorn picked up in
  • Two people to sell concessions at both shows
  • Ticket/money collectors (two for each show)
  • Should have order forms for buttons for split families to have more than one
  • Raffle front row seats? FB blast
  • Normally collect $$ in
  • Sue will arrange custodian to be available for special needs entry
  • What are the times?


  • Bad Betty’s food will appear on next cycle $377
  • Yak Trax at Cosco for $9.99. 8 paras, with hand warmer stuff under $100
  • Original works money always deposited to PTC and used for Arts
  • 2017-2018 financial report (attached)


  • electronic reader board potentially not allowed in this community per zoning. Marla and Sue are looking into it. Can we always automatically turn it off at 7 pm. $800-1200
  • needing to go through all administrative steps
  • Going to planning/zoning department with city planning
  • Dance coming up next month: Feb 25
  • Need to reserve DJ. Sue will ask Jim Tucker about dance and color


  • leaving – Mindie getting job at Carroll College. New secretary Brittiny Grigg. She will be here week of 15th to shadow
  • May not be able to start by
  • Tia Wilkins teacher at Jefferson will sub in. Deb Jacobsons on call
  • student council donated $100 for Sue’s trip.Building materials for
  • No school the January 15 or 19th
  • Field trips:
    • 17th 4H, 45B, 5H snow showing
    • other ice fishing in afternoon
    • 5th graders ski day on 25th. PTC writing check. Sue get invoice to Angela
  • APTT Feb
  • Montessori child engagement days Jan 23-25
  • One school one book: we scheduled bingo night for tv turnoff Sue wants to move bingo night to April 19th. Going to need to search for prizes for bingo night. Put on Feb agenda. Usually donated. Lea might talk to Amy Sark about games/gifts. Angela suggests we buy prizes so don’t compete with color run asks
  • Xworks free entry no tv week in place of bingo Wed Apr. 25


  • -info on sheet. Only doing one in Fall and one in spring
  • collecting box tops by Feb 23
  • Party-Pizza party Friday march 2
  • reminding people to save over summer


  • RSVP Required due 16th. noon to 1 pm
  • People send Nann comments to share at meeting.


Nest building: Installation art. Mixes art with science. Work with every grade for the week. Therapeutic building nest and learn about birds and habitat. Build it in habitat? $1200 – 5 days all materials. An additional $1000 for second instructor.- 4 classes 4 days. How long the classes? Sue will bring it up with teachers. Need to let the artist note this week. Angela wants vote by email.

Teachers response to sue: a million things to get done, easier to pay themselves than wait to get reimbursed. They just want $100 visa card in August when they are planning. It’s not the amount. It’s the process.

Talk about specific things:

  • head phones
  • electric pencil sharpeners
  • can we give a list of items and have Sue forward to get from teachers, so we can buy in Angela will

Send proposal for feedback.

  • No longer getting $$ from district for field Will need to budget bout $3500.
  • For next meeting, talk about gift cards for teachers
  • Talk about artists and field trips funding
  • For Mindie: what are we going to do for She has embraced quilting. Gift certificate to quilting store.

Lea to get $50 Downtown Helena gift card for Mindie and $25 Downtown gift card to Brittiny


  • Julie now on committee
  • Lea calling out
  • april 29 at fair grounds. finally of tv turnoff week
  • Helena Ice arena dates? Lea and Sue to hash out
  • Next meeting Feb. 12


  • Reserve DJ for Feb 25 dance as well as for Color Run (Sue) (Jim Tucker)
  • Comments to Nann for Build Plate meeting
  • Ask teacher input RE Nest building Installation Art workshop (Sue)
  • Nest Building votes to Angela
  • Gift certificates for Mindi and Brittiny (Angela/Lea)
  • Discuss Helena Ice Arena dates (Lea/Sue)