Makers club gearing up for mechanical engineering, Mrs. Bishop’s class to Star Base, Staff allowances and purchases, and more.


  1. Lea Chiavaras
  2. Marla Unruh
  3. Sue Sweeney
  4. Cherelyn Routzahn
  5. Julie Johnson
  6. Nann Parrett
  7. Therese Simpson
  8. Angela Simonson

Treasure Report

  • Great results with Missoula Children’s Theater: Net profit 65
  • Great Divide: ski trips $ for 5th graders funneled thru us to streamline $40 over went into Sue’s Principal
  • Certificate of coverage for PTO Today insurance
  • We opened up 15 mo. CD in Oct. We made $30.59 in interest from -Dec.
  • Other acct. made five-ish dollars in last quarter
  • WE are half-way through our year. We do not have a formal financial software Process is manual.
  • Other printing costs for MTC, we will eat the
  • 70 pgs printed (rehearsal schedule)
  • Makers club (replace robotics): got set of motorized cars. Assemble and use gears in different ways. Mechanical engineer came to discuss gears. (grades 4-5)
  • Knitting club will start March

Sue Report

  • Idea of one Christmas program at HMS. Need $150 for HMS then pay busing. Parents can’t transport kids. $350 to $450
  • Silverwood reading program has begun. Ends March
  • On February 15th and 16th the Holter
  • No school on the February 19th
  • Week of Feb 23-26, March 5th week: star base Mrs. Bishop. Do robotics, programming, computer works. Fort Harrison pays for it. For 5th graders
  • March 1 applications mailed to K for montessori
  • 1st and 2nd Myrna Love shows. K-2 goes March 1. 3-5 go March 2. Superintendent office pays for those who can’t
  • March 7 Bishop and Higgins going to L&C interpretive center
  • In March, fourth graders have to take state art science. Second graders take itbs test


  • Plans to improve process for 2019 – More info up front to students and
  • Improve communication
  • Talk about stipends for program

Box Tops

  • Due feb 23
  • pizza party Friday March 2. Put teachers name on BoxTops turned in. Promote On Facebook.
  • Pizza order/delivery process? Number of pizzas depend on class

Color Run Updates

  • Designate runners for classrooms? Pick before registration
  • Sponsorship- opt out option to hand to someone else
  • Classroom themes for color run
  • Assembly
  • Get rid of $5. K-5 $12, 6-senior $15, adults $25
  • Need to get: Event permit and sound permit thru the city

Survey Monkey

  • need a purpose
    • Motion 1: starting July 2018 issue every staff $100 visa for teacher allowance
    • Motion 2: By middle of March a form go out to all staff. These items listed are. based off of assessment. One time purchase option to help with classroom needs. Proposed budget $300 per staff 17 people $5100
    • Getting a stated need

Update on Electric Marquee

  • going before city council. They will have public meeting because we are allowed, just have to go through the School doesn’t have to follow zoning. Need to knock on doors of neighborhood. On a timer 7am to 8 pm
  • Can’t move forward until roof and safety entrance. Fall

Wellness Committee — tabled SITE MAP – tabled


  • When Feb 22
  • Photography 6 to 7:30 (Lea ordered back drop on Amazon)
  • Need to have volunteer signup (Angela)
  • Need volunteer for guarding steps and need cleanup
  • Theme: dress as what they’re good at. Dress to show your talent
  • Glo-sticks. Volunteer to hand them out. (Lea ordered 200 on Amazon)
  • Parent has to come with
  • Volunteer for the water
  • Must be accompanied by a parent the entire

Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • March 15
  • Bridge Pizza