• Lea Chiavaras
  • Marla Unruh
  • Cherelyn Routzahn
  • Angela Simonson
  • Julie Johnson
  • Sue Sweeney
  • Nann Parrett

Natalia from CR Anderson. On the science Olympiad team. Went to state, going to nationals in Fort Collins, CO. Would appreciate if PTC would be willing to make a donation for the team.

Suggested needs to connect to alumni. Angela comfortable. Committing to $200. Needing to get high-res Broadwater logo to them for t-shirts.

Treasurer’s Report

No deposits this month. 9 cents interest.  Made $30 on 6-month CD. Do we want to leave 15 month or re-invest. Make decision next year after budget.

14 staff ordered wish lists. Two special requests for direct funds for montessori conference. Tague and Delaney said they could get montessori manipulatives.

Headphones, pencil sharpeners, field trips, etc. Can we get approval for montessori teachers.

We will plug these in random Facebook posts. List of purchases to Sue and Lea.

Librarian’s Report

1) magazine sale. Too quiet. Not feeling will be a big success.

2) 4th and 5th grades starting contest to read books and write response papers to get invited to pizza party. party after spring break to give people a chance to

3) Bikes for books. drawing for a bike and a kindle. Shriners hosts it.

Principal’s Report

  • Friday night in May. Partner with student council? Wonder. Friday May 11.
  • Next year’s IR calendar. Due. Sue and Lea will make.
  • Finish trimester. Conferences this week. Pizzas for teachers. Angela will deal with it. Julie will get salad stuff at COSTCO.
  • Tuesday the 20th,
  • Delaney a distinguished educator. Going to the dinner Seniors are honored.
  • Trimester 2 awards assembly on Wednesday.
  • T-shirt orders due the 16th.
  • Superintendent search
  • Science circuit this Saturday
  • Future chef this Saturday. Nolah Mehus
  • Trading places where principal trades places with Montana Arts Council
  • Hoblweys’ class to star base.
  • Para appreciation week week after spring break. We have 8 paras. Cherylyn will head up and bill PTC
  • March 20 voices of tomorrow
  • March 21 Skogley and informance. Informational presentation of what learning in music.
  • Montessori lottery due March 23, lottery on April 3.

Old Business

  • Approve old minutes.
  • April and May PTC officers elected. Lea wants to step down.
  • What needs to be in place? Deal with on April. Knights of Columbus. April 19. 6 pm. Serve dinner. APPT night. Need bingo prizes. 50 to 75 prizes.
  • Nann Parrett to email list. sponsors. Everyone needs to take some.