• Lea Chiavaras
  • Angela Simonson
  • Julie Johnson
  • Becky Albertson
  • Therese Simpson
  • Nann Parrett
  • Annie Tague
  • Sue Sweeney
  • Marla Unruh
  • Cherelyn Routzahn
  • Megan Field

Annie Tague came to represent lower Montessori, show what she bought with wish list from the funds we distributed. Went to national montessori conference.

  • Grammar game.
  • Measuring activity having rulers. Measure sticks
  • Cards to go with great lessons. Sorting cards.
  • Cards to go with 4th/5th coming of language lesson
  • Cards showing ancient math artifacts
  • 6 kingdoms cards with manipulatives


  • Income: $588.09 A lot of expenses: $3,031.89
  • Bulk of money was for ordering online
  • Everyone who submitted request taken care of
  • Checks issued for field trip. We request they mention PTC so parents don’t contribute
  • We earned on 15-month CD earned about $35. October to current $66.46
  • Ordered 7 pencil sharpeners
  • Cubito
  • Ink cartridges
  • Set of colored pencils
  • hurdles, basketballs
  • Plastic organizers
  • Tons of head phones with hard cases
  • Won’t be at May meeting. Wants to create year-to-date income for next meeting


  • Getting 1000 buttons. Should be set for a couple years.
  • Good for preschool through 2nd grade. Can get other pads
  • Thinking of writing a grant to get four more so could have stations and teachers could have centers.


  • One school one book. All six schools doing same books. Getting together this summer to plan activities. Book will be BFG. Ordered today for $1 apiece. Parent involvement funds for title one. Paid for.
  • Got paper work for MCT. Play is Peter and Wendy
  • Busy month
  • L&C literacy coming to scho. MWTF. Volunteers read to two kids. Kids read to them. Kids that forget.
  • WED night meet pals with parents
  • Taco Johns Thursday. Coupons went out. Hard copies at front office
  • Weekly broadcast. FB. Every Monday a broadcast will go out. Teachers will show in classrooms.
  • Interviewing for MRS Fish’s job.
  • Preschool story hour CRA orientation on April 20.
  • Next week APPT (Dinner starts at 5:30) night and Bingo. Bingo starts at 6)
  • Need volunteer signup for Bingo. Sue will get Bingo machine from Knights of Columbus
  • Food and prizes? Amy Sark brought prizes we could use. Don’t have a lot of adult prizes. Kites.
  • Caroll College doing Little Mermaid. Only some classes going April 26th
  • Screen free April 23-27
  1. MONDAY: Mt. Helena
  2. TUESDAY: kickball barney park
  3. WEDNESDAY: XWorks 5:30-7:30
  4. THURSDAY: Spring meadow scavenger hunt
  • Grandstreet words by kids April 27
  • May 4 Vigilante dismiss at 11
  • May 9 parent night CRA
  • May 11 Delany to Water Works


  • Status of last day of school
    What are we doing? No day dropped from snow day. Making adjustment for K-5 by shortening little bits (recess, lunch, etc.)
  • School grounds
    Who’s responsible for grounds/playgrounds? Budget issue that falls under maintenance.
  • Photography contract
    Letter to Interstate. Bidding again. No contact in place. Looking at RFQ.
  • Safe, secure entries in schools
    – $8 million from bond for K-8, starting on FG’s, CRA, HMS.
    – Change access to card key
    – All access points close/locked, with new communication system in elementaries with messaging boards in all classrooms plus two-way audio/video, colored lights
    – Making the offices a line of sight or vestibule buzz-in. Will be a little while for Broadwater
    -Capital high asked about its security: Redirecting district funds (building reserve moneys) to manage HS security
    – HS walk-out security question: SROs at schools, monitored by teachers/staff, how to deal with opposition
  • Build Our Plate summary
  • District wellness committee updates
  • Other points:
    – What is cell phone policy? No apparent district policy or school policies are in place.
    – Who does sidewalk maintenance? Short-staffed and short-funded. Can PTOs pay to clear?



  • We need 100 people registered by Friday. We will have to pay more per registrant. Sue will send out another reminder. Another FB post. Encourage friends. We are currently at 79.
  • Classroom runners are registered.
  • Signage for route: Nann and Therese
  • Posters are being printed
  • Lea will talk to CARROLL about using tables
  • Carroll volunteers will help
  • Kiwanis volunteers
  • Home Depot donating 11 cases of water
  • Borrowing Broadwater recycling bins
  • Nann put volunteer link onto website
  • Lea will contact people as needed
  • Thankyou notes ready for sponsors
  • Angela will send letter to Capital Collision
  • Angela will recent the letter
  • Paras ordered playground equipment. Up to what amount? Sue will order. Motion and voted


  • Ordered three cases from Real Food. $36/case 100/case.
  • Panhandler giving apple slicers
  • We can use snack bins? Sue will look for them.
  • Volunteers? 4:30 Wednesday to 5:30 (Wash, Dry, Sort)
  • Becky Anderson to pick up the apples.



  • One day a week on Tuesday.
  • Rough draft of permission slip. Needs to go out this week.
  • Need to be returned next week. Need to know account for teeshirts by Friday.
  • Nann to print out
  • four-lap day should get two feet.
  • Six weeks. Starts April 24 through May 29.

STUDENT DEBT (Points to bring up for Parent Advisory Council)

  • Parents should have to sign permission for students to use charge.
  • Is it a district, state, or national thing to determine that?