1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call

    1. Lea Chiavaras
    2. Angela Simonson
    3. Nann Parrett
  3. Treasurer

Proposed budget:

  • New approach: instead of giving cashflow every month, show financial income statement.. Year End Statement will be issued at end of every FY. FY Starts Aug. 1 through July 31 Full account of income and expenses.
  • Monthly statement: month/FY 2018/ % budget, monthly and year-end
  • Angela needs to post year-end to Guide Star, a non-profit web. Indicates financial health.
  • We will be able to see % of budget. Angela will always have the FY budget at meetings. Voted to adopt. All in favor.
  • Teacher allowance: $100 visa cards at the beginning of the year—with plan to issue a second card in January if fundraising meets goals for fall.
  • Question: What is the plan for the $25k (give or take) sitting in our accounts? Suggested we use for programming. Suggestion to explore outdoor school programming for 5th graders? Something to explore.
  • Put $500 into principal account at beginning of year. All in favor.
  • Snacks? Keep $900 but work to get Sodexo to pay for snacks this year. Easier for PTC and budget.
  • Budget slushfund: Minimize donations to other non-profits. Don’t set aside funds for now. Need to assign committee to recommend adjustment to the bylaws, addressing donations for items/people other than our own students

Other Fundraising/budget items:

  • Angela write request letter for Costco spending money, $25
  • We need to promote access to form for reduced lunch and actively encourage people to participate
    • BBQ
    • First week of school, send forms home
    • 2 weeks later, send home ¼-sheet reminder
  • Student directory: can we avoid printing costs by making PDF available and emailing it out? Offer a button for requesting a printed version. Angela will ask Sue
  • Water fountain filters: Angela to research cost of filters
  • Nann research snack: No Kid Hungry/VISTA
  • Angela to finalize budget for meeting and email to officers
  • Lea to email budget to officers
  • New Business

Building updates:

  • Pipes
  • Grass dead, replaced with weeds
  • Cottonwood tree hitting wire. Angela to contact city to see who to pay

PTC Meetings:

  • In general email reports for PTC meetings prior to meeting so we can keep meeting to 1 hour max:
    • Email agenda
    • Email financials
    • Email Sue, Marla reports –will not read reports at meeting, only highlights and asks for PTC help
    • Email Parent Advisory notes –same as above
    • Email any additions action-item reports
  • First week in August Lea to send out volunteer signup list


  • Lea ask for 300 donuts. Need 8-10 doz. (Safeway, Vans, Dirty Dozen):
  • Request different space. Want to be with games
  • That we explore (in the future) a different activity that doesn’t involve donuts

Web/Social Media:

  • Lea to start FB posts again in August
  • Nann to make sure all minutes posted on the website
  • Nann get cost of SSL certificate for two years
  • Nann set up FB feed on website and determine costs
  • Post Amazon Smile to all sites

Donation Request Form:

  • Start work on it. Need to have final ready by Sept. 1
  • Lea email board for review. Options:
    • Donation for raffle
    • Donation for color run
    • Donation for both
  • Have ready final revision ready for Sept. meeting.
  • Assignments for asks during August meeting
  • Business letters out Sept 1


  • What’s happening with Central School’s modular buildings when the new school opens? Nann to inquire with the district.


  • Post year-end budget to Guide Star (Angela)
  • Apply for COSTCO donation (Angela)
  • Ask Sue about student directory in PDF form to cut printing costs (Angela)
  • Research snack options from No Kid Hungry (Nann)
  • Explore outdoor school programming (Nann)
  • Research cost of water filters (Angela)
  • Finalize annual budget for Officers’ review (Angela)
  • Send final annual budget to PTC council (Lea)
  • Contact City RE who pays for cottonwood tree trimming away from wires (Angela)
  • Send out volunteer signup list (Lea)
  • Secure donuts for Carnival (Lea)
  • Request different Carnival space (Lea)
  • Start FB posts again (Lea)
  • Website updates: minutes, SSL certificate, FB feed, Amazon Smile button (Nann)
  • Draft initial donation request letter for businesses (Lea/Angela)
  • Find out info about modulars (Nann)