• Lea Chiaveras
  • Ilia Balsley
  • Jodi Delaney
  • Marla Unruh
  • Angela Simonson
  • Rebeckah Harris
  • Julie Johnson
  • Nann Parrett
  • Angela Roberts
  • Jessica Schmautz
  • Therese Simpson
  • Megan Field
  • April Prescott
  • Sue Sweeney
  • Vibin Mehta
  • Paras Bharadhaj
  • Shikna Bharadhaj


  • PTC request action items emailed to PTC to send out. We will vote at the meeting. Approved.
  • Construction crew getting paid overtime to complete roof
  • Getting replacement grass around bb court
  • Chips under the swings
  • Beams have been removed from inside the building


  • Distributed American Association of School Libraries has new standards for the library. To be distributed to parents. Link to be posted on FB


  • Year-end financial and budget
  • Angela will email copy prior to each meeting for everyone to review, rather than bringing paper copies
  • New format for year-end statement. Goal to get in actual financial statement format rather than cash-flow report. Compares last FY with current FY. Expenses higher last year. Transferring money from savings to meet budget. Needing to raise income to be in the green. The final statement gets posted to Guide Star. Offers info as reference for grants. Angela to get password from Patti. Also showed ending balances for extra info. Motion to approve end of year statement. All approved.
    • Budget: Shows budgeted amount in second column and what we spent vs. what we brought in. We budgeted revenues conservatively. Maybe more aggressive in the future.
      • Teacher allowance-$100 per teacher per year. Goal is to issue another mid-year after assess the first.
      • Giving Sue $500 for principal fund at beginning of year
      • Artist in residency $1300
      • Budgeted $900 for snacks unless Sodexo will pay for
      • Will transfer $4638 to transfer from savings to have 0 balance
      • Passed


  • Officers meeting in July. Will post to the website


  • Programming Committee: Outdoor school for 5th graders idea. Discover research. Bryant goes to Yellowstone. Develop committee for this task
  • Promote families to complete free and reduced form. Need to put on Website. Goes home with everybody in initial packet. Need to promote participation for free snack program. We didn’t quality….how many free vs. reduced. Probability increases. 1/4-sheet reminder two weeks after. Provide language to promote participation.
  • amazon smile. Delaney will post on district page. Try to put on all printed materials. Nann get logo to Sue.
  • Wanting to update verbage. Some items no precedence for. We need to fix that. Donating to other non-profits/alumni groups. Needing bylaw review/update committee. Angela will head that up.
  • Question: how get info out about volunteering signup out. FB and to Sue
  • Directory: Spent $200 out. PDF could have a password. Need to decide sooner than later. Motion to print 25 hard copies of directory and figure out PDF with password access. Approved.
  • VISTA worker. Tabled to next month.
  • BBQ: August 27. Request for vegetarian. Try for that the year. Julie Johnson will lead the charge for BBQ and will have veg. options in mind. We need a grill master. Sue getting grillfrom Sodexo Needing a couple grill masters. $3 rsvp. Need to get RSVP email out soon.
  • Carnival Classic Sept 9: as year goes on, think of other ideas. Donuts haven’t made a lot of money. Make around $100. Brainstorm about fun, easy fundraiser.
  • Business letters for fundraising. One ask for all fundraising. We need back Oct. 1. Between now and mid-Sept need to get businesses.
  • Movie night. Nann will bring proposal to next meeting.
  • Volunteers: recommended discounts for activities if volunteering. Do a raffle for gift. Need volunteer sign-in sheet for activities. Another idea is use sweatshirt. Determine raffle prizes later. Quarterly volunteer appreciation raffle. An entry for every time you volunteer.
  • Delaney: got an art cart. Art cart will be in hallway. More likely to get used. On that we need some organizational pieces to put things together. Concerned if try to move it down the hallway it will fall apart. Would like some containers so it’s more of a grab and go. Estimating $200.Teachers’ lounge has construction. Started looking at the room. Has not been redone in 20 to 30 years. Art cart gets used by all teachers. Take $200 from artist in residence account. Approve. Angela will order on Amazon. approved. Delaney will coordinate with Angela for order. Teacher lounge. Recycling saving $200. Save $150 for school directory. Motion to pull from savings to use on teacher lounge renovation. $500


  • Distribute Library Standards to parents
    • Parent email (Sue)
    • FB (Lea)
    • Web (Web)
  • Angela will email monthly financials with agenda before each meeting,
  • Post year-end financials to Guide Star (Angela)
  • Post minutes to website (Nann)
    • Officer’s meeting
    • PTC meeting
  • Build Committee for Programming/Grant Applications (Therese/Nann)
  • Materials to promote signing up for free/reduced lunch
    • FB Announcement (Lea)
    • ¼-sheet to take home in two weeks (Lea/Nann)
    • Post to website (Nann)
  • Present Amazon Smile info on ALL materials
    • Develop language/distribute logo (Lea/Nann)
    • Include in all parent email and hardcopy correspondences (Sue)
    • Post on District webpage (Delaney)
  • Bylaw update/revisions committee (Angela)
  • Volunteer signup info distributed
    • Parent correspondences (Sue)
    • FB (Lea)
    • Web (Nann)
  • BBQ
    • Julie leading the charge on food/Vegetarian options
    • Sue get grill from Sodexo
  • Fundraising Letters for Business out Oct. 1 (Lea distribute to PTC members)
  • Signup for fundraising businesses (all PTC members)
  • Proposal for Movie Night schedule and other logistics (Nann)
  • Order containers for Art Cart (Angela)