1. Call to Order
  2. Welcome
  3. Rollcall
    • Lea Chiavaras
    • Angela Simonson
    • Sue Sweeney
    • Marla Unrue
    • Melissa Curd
    • Angela Roberts
    • Julie Johnson
    • Therese Simpson
    • Annie Peterson
    • Megan Field

Approve Minutes

  • Approved

Treasurer’s Report

Old Business

  • Events: No new events from last meeting
  • Review of committee: Meetings scheduled
  • Student Directory: PDF Plans for handbook. PowerSchool has been a mess, so directories are not ready. Will get to it when PowerSchool is fixed. Goal is to create secure PDF for directory to save on printing costs. 10 to 15 copies will be available to those who want a printed version.
  • Annual Ask update: Needing all raffle info finalized before Mon. Oct. 15 so we can order raffle tix. Angela sent ticket comp around for feedback. Student raffle ticket will be the cover for books of 5.
  • Movie: Movies start at 6:15. Have to enter through back door. ADA. Nann get flyer and announcement to Sue Tuesday and check out Tech setup and get Volunteer signup setup online.
    • Friday, Oct. 12: Bolt
    • Friday, Nov. 9: Wall-E
    • Friday, Dec. 7: Babe
    • Friday, Jan. 11: Inside Out
    • Friday, Feb. 8: BFG
    • Friday, Mar. 8: Brave
    • Friday, April 12: My Neighbor Totoro
    • Friday May 17: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • BoxTop Update: Due Oct 17. Prizes Oct. 24. Carroll College collecting for us as well. Anyone have old containers (plastic or coffee, shoebox) to distribute to Carroll. Annie Peterson will bring Folgiers cans to Lea. New liaison with Carroll.
  • Walk to school day: Free hot chocolate. Starbucks will provide carats for hot water.

New Business

  • Game night: Cuties and sugar peas. Salad. Games are here. Lea sending out volunteer sheet.
  • Raffle: Passed ticket around for approval. No one yet signed up to co-lead. Books of 5. For every book a student sells, get entered into student only raffle. Student raffle ticket will be the cover of the ticket book, price will double. Territorial Press will print accompanying info sheet. Bridger vet donated $100 for color run. Opportunity bank $100 for color run. Helena community credit union asked for $300 for color run. 

    Three main prizes:
    • GRAND FIRST PRIZE: Family adventure (ExWorks membership, camping gear, climbing pass, discovery package. Will ask for xc ski)
    • DATE NIGHT: (2 grand street tix, $50 to silver star, 4 tix to movie, nutcracker tix)
    • HOLIDAY FEAST: ($25 gift from natural grocer, real food themed basket, cupcakes…..rename?) Bob wards at-cost cooler big enough for a picnic. Nann get card stands to Annie.
  • Artist in residency: prefer in fall, none for spring at teacher requests because too busy. Dance this year? People follow leads and ideas. Five days. Spend time with every class. Whole school assembly plus individual classes. $750-$1500 for the week. Hip Hop?
  • Plans for food parent/teacher conferences: (Thursday and Tuesday). Meat and cheese and rolls on Thursday.
    • (Therese getting sandwich condiments) Thursday.
    • Nann get food Tuesday and deliver by 3. Plan for 20 people
  • Taco Johns: Sue will coordinate.
  • White Knight day: November (around Black Friday?) Owner said whatever happened last year worked well and will do again. Someone will contact. Nov. 24 Small Business Saturday. Throw two dates. Nov. 10 as other option. What date works best for him. Try to do video again. Sue/Therese coordinate.
  • Other:
    • BFG: sleeping giant bowling alley will let us have all lanes on Sat. Feb.9 for two hours $250. We’ll share with another school. Give them two hours. 4-8. We want 4 to 6. Yes.

                   Email addresses for e-blast. Nann get from Sue.

Principal’s Report

         • no action items

Librarian’s Report

         have three volunteer. Two to four more ideal.

Parent Advisory Council

Action item to bring to next meeting: What short-and long-term outcomes should we as a PK-12 system hold ourselves accountable for?

  • All schools need to be safe and secure
  • Open lines of communication between committees and schools
  • More transparency

Question: Have our schools received education? Teachers who didn’t make Broadwater date would go to other trainings. All paras took it. Lots of opportunities. Don’t think it fair to expect classified staff to come in for free. (These are hourly).

Action Items:

  • Student Directory: Figure out PDF security logistics (Lea Chiavaras/Paras Bharadhaj)
  • Movie Night: Flyer to Sue for distribution and volunteer signup (Nann Parrett)
  • Movie Night: Figure out tech logistics (Nann Parrett)
  • Box Tops: Coffee cans to Carroll (Lea Chiavaras/Annie Peterson)
  • Walk to School Day: Hot chocolate (Lea Chiavaras)
  • Amazon Smile: Logo to Sue for distribution on all printables (Nann Parrett)
  • Game Night: Snacks and volunteer list (Lea Chiavaras)
  • Program Research Committee: Initial meeting Doodle Poll (Nann Parrett)
  • Wellness Committee: Set up initial meeting (Nann Parrett)
  • By-Law Committee: Set up initial meeting (Angela Simonson/Lea Chiavaras)
  • Raffle: Grand Prize get XC package from Base Camp (Julie Johnson)
  • Raffle: Holiday Feast (Annie Peterson. Nann Parrett get card holders to Annie)
  • Raffle: One-sheet/envelopes for raffle packets (Angela Simonson/Nann Parrett)
  • Raffle: Order tickets (Angela Simonson)
  • Raffle: Get cooler from Bob Wards (Nann Parrett)
  • Artist in Residency: Look for dance artist leads (everyone)
  • Parent/Teacher Conference: Condiments delivered Thursday (Therese Simpson)
  • Parent/Teacher Conference: Costco food order delivered Thursday (Nann Parrett)
  • Taco Johns: Coordinate (Sue Sweeney)
  • White Knight Day: Pick day and coordinate (Sue Sweeney/Therese Simpson)
  • BFG Bowling Day: Pick day and partnering school (Sue Sweeney)