1. Call to Order

2. Welcome                                                                                                                                                            

3. Roll Call (All)

  • Lea Chiavaras
  • Annie Peterson
  • Jodi Delaney
  • Angela Simonson
  • Angela Roberts
  • Julie Johnson
  • Megan Field
  • Sue Sweeney
  • Nann Parrett

4. Principal’s Report (Sue Sweeney)

Action items

  • having issues with power school. Some people didn’t get announcement video. Working on the problem.

5. Librarian’s Report (Marla Unruh)        

Action items for PTC:

  • Saturday, Oct 20 (MEA weekend), need 4-5 volunteers to set-up book fair. Meet at 9 a.m. (sign-up sheet being sent around). Needing 7 volunteers.
  • Additional information to be e-mailed to those who attend PTC meetings? (consider posting on FB/website). Note that it is during what is MEA (State Teachers Convention)

6. Treasurer’s Report (Angela Simonson)  

In future, PDF of Monthly Statement will be emailed out a week before the meeting. Only one hard copy at the actual meeting.

Financials for the whole prior month. Only one event in Aug.

  • Brought in gross $357.
  • Expendetures $302.23
  • Expenses higher this year because we had to buy paper goods. Will be able touse again next year.
  • Purchased Veggie option, but no one used. In the future, only purchase with firm veggie RSVP.
    • All approved Aug. budget.
    • Starting Sept. 17, Sydexo will pay for snacks. Remove $900 line item from our budget. Sydexo budget may not last whole year, so we may step in later.

7. Old Business

Brief review of PTC sponsored events in past month:

  • Open House BBQ great turnout. More volunteers than usual.
  • Carnival Classic (canopy). Made $. In the future budget $40 to $50 for twine, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, paper towels. We made $340-ish
  • Review sub-committees: By-Law committee; Programming Research Committee; Wellness Committee. Passed around signup at meeting.
  • Review how FRL forms are coming in so far and how we can help promote – Need to still promote
  • Review Directory PDF format plans. Ask Pardis Bharadwaj about creating secure PDF (Lea). Goal to have completed and distributed in October.
    • Annual Ask update
    • Signup sheet passed around table.
  • Continue discussion on monthly movie night.
    • Nann and Sue discuss list, determine dates. Movies start in October.
    • Nann responsible for volunteer sign-up

8. New Business

Box Tops – action item vote on $20 for 1st place, $10 2nd place Visa Gift Cards, Patti to design the sheet now,

  • deadline Oct 19, get the cards to students 10/26
  • get to the Oct. 17 (because MEA). Get cards 10/24.
  • Motion to approve. Approved.

Draw winner for Donut Stand raffle winner. Do FB live of raffle at end of mtg.

Discuss plan for Walk to School Day, Wednesday, Oct 10 – Heidi Geottle lead

  • Lea will work with Heidi on this. Lea will send out volunteer list.
  • To plan for the future, Heidi’s kids will move up. Someone should shadow to take over when she leaves.

Discuss plan for Game Night, Thursday, Oct 25, 6-7 p.m. — *** Lead

  • Volunteer sheet should be sent out Oct. 8 (Lea). Angela Roberts will be co-lead with Lea.
  • Angela will turn in Costo gift app this week in hopes get something for game night

Discuss plan for Fall Raffle (Raffle ticket packets go out to students 11/5/18 and draw winners date ***).

  • Draw before winter break. Dec. 12.
  • Motion to order tix online. Motion passes.
  • Student count 280
  • Can’t do theme baskets

Spirit and Pride order sheets sent out to families due back ***

  • T-shirts. Due Sept. 19. Need to get mailed by the 21st.

Discuss and vote on what the Volunteer Raffle Prize should be each quarter

  • First quarter card Downtown Helena card
  • End of Nov., End of Feb., End of May. (Move to set these dates for raffle. Approved)


  • Amazon Smile: Nann made. Need more focused headline. Need to put bug on FB banner.
  • Need to change PTC info sign at front door.

9. Parent Advisory Committee Report

  • Action Items for PTC: None
  • Nann will type up notes
  • Additional information to be e-mailed to those who attend PTC meetings? (consider posting on FB/website)

10. Approve minutes from previous meeting

  • Approved. Post to web. (Nann)

11. Adjourn (Lea Chiavaras)    We are keeping meeting to 1 hour max, tabling items we don’t get to.