Call to Order


Roll Call

  • Lea Chiavaras
  • Angela Simonson
  • Sue Sweeney
  • Marla Unrue
  • Cherelyn Routzahn
  • Therese Simpson
  • Megan Field

Approve Minutes

  • Approved October minutes

Treasurer’s Report

Old Business

  • Events
  • October & November movie nights rocked!
  • Game Night – low turnout, but went well.
  • Book Fair – did well this year.
  • Box Tops – $254.10 submitted, waiting for confirmation of amount.  Next big push for boxtops will be around February, with a March 1 submit date.
  • Walk to School event – well attended;  snap bracelets from MDT fell apart for multiple students and were not safe.  Note to not use next year for safety reasons.
  • Parent Teacher Conference Dinner – Nann coordinated and it went well.
  • Review of sub-committees:
  • Wellness sub-committee will meet December 10, 5:30pm, at Broadwater.
  • No activity to report for other sub-committees.
  • Student Directory:
  • Lea will check with the parent who volunteered to post a secure version of the PDF. 
  • We don’t plan to print copies this year as it will be available online.
  • Spirit Wear:
    $186 profit to Broadwater
  • Raffle:
  • We’ve collected $400 so far in the first week of selling tickets.
  • Angela requested help with ideas for gift baskets, especially for the gift card baskets.
  • Drawing will be held before the Holiday Program’s grand finale at Helena Middle School Auditorium on December 12. If the winner is not present the basket will be brought back to Sue’s office.
  • Sue will look for a bingo-like ball turner within the district for choosing the winner.
  • Bake sale at HMS at the Holiday Program is pending.  Sue asked if we would be OK if some of the proceeds from the bake sale went to the school she and Beth Smaka will be volunteering at this summer in the Dominican Republic.  Group agreed this was a good idea.
  • White Knight Broadwater Day – Therese sent Sue a flyer to advertise to the kids this week.  Jon, the owner, is giving 20% of Saturday, November 17th’s proceeds to Broadwater PTC. Jon is advertising on Facebook, too.
  • Taco Johns: Sue will coordinate.  Date is March 21, 2018.
  • Color Run Updates – Saturday, April 27, 11am – 12pm.  Angela will help Lea with some required paperwork(?)
  • Artist in residency: prefer in fall, possibly January or February, none for spring at teacher requests because too busy.  Lea sent Therese some leads and Therese will inquire with some artists for both winter 2018 and possibly next school year.
  • Holiday Program updates:  raffle will be held right before the grand finale; volunteer raffle will be held at the beginning of the event, with a plug for volunteers throughout the year.  Volunteer raffle prize is a $50 downtown Helena gift card (Angela will get it).
  • Original Works – Megan Field processed all the orders, turned out great again this year!  Per Sue, at Broadwater this year the Montessori profits are going to the Montessori rooms; the rest are going into the PTC for artist programming.  Waiting to get the final numbers from the company.

New Business

  • Make a wish letters – Lea will send Sue the letter templates (#280).  Letter in the classroom are optional, and can be sent home if students want to complete and bring them back.  Lea will pick-up finished letters at Broadwater December 6 and deliver them to Macy’s December 7.  This drive benefits Make-a-wish Helena.
  • Caroling Day – 12/6/2018 – will end at Broadwater instead of Carroll this year.  Sue will get the cookies, hot chocolate, and water.  Lea will send volunteer request.
  • Montana Theater Company (MTC) buttons – Angela will order #200 this year which should carry us through the next year, and includes buttons for the library.  The play this year is Peter & Wendy.
  • Para gifts this year  – group decided to host a lunch for the paras on Thursday, January 17, around 12:30pm at the Brewhouse.  It’s a half day, and this will give the paras an opportunity to get away for a longer lunch this year.  Sue will let the paras know and will get a final count the week before; Angela will make a reservation the week before and will see if they can bill us so we can pay after the fact. 
  • Sponsor Thank You Notes – for the raffle donors right now (color run thank yous will come later).  Angela is taking care of these.
  • Volunteer Appreciation Drawing – will be held at the Holiday Program this year. (see Holiday Program under Old Business above).
  • After School Language Proposal – proposed by Jodi Delaney.  Not sure if this is possible because of the fee structure set forth by the school district.  The person teaching the program must contact the district and work with them for use.  Right now we’ll wait to hear if any PTC assistance is requested in the future.

Principal’s Report

         • no action items

Librarian’s Report

         Ms. Unruh is going to speak with the students about working with their families on a safety plan/word – thank you!

Action Items:

  • Student Directory: Figure out PDF security logistics (Lea Chiavaras/Paras Bharadhaj)
  • Gift Baskets for some raffle prizes (Angela)
  • Sue will look for a bingo-like ball turner within the district for choosing the winner (Sue)
  • White Knight Broadwater Day advertisement:  send to kids before November 17 (Sue)
  • Color Run paperwork (I didn’t catch what this was) (Angela)
  • $50 Helena Downtown gift card for Volunteer Raffle (Angela)
  • Inquire about artist-in-residency opportunities (Therese)
  • Make a wish printouts for letters to Sue (Lea)
  • Advertise make a wish letter opportunity to teachers (Sue)
  • Pick-up make a wish letters December 6 (Lea)
  • Cookies, hot chocolate, water for Caroling Day on December 6 (Sue)
  • Volunteer list for Caroling Day (Lea)
  • Order buttons for MTC/Library (Angela)
  • Confirm with para’s about the Para Lunch on January 17 (Sue)
  • Send out raffle sponsor thank-you notes (Angela)