Call to Order


Roll Call

  • Lea Chiavaras
  • Angela Simonson
  • Sue Sweeney
  • Therese Simpson
  • Megan Field
  • Ilia Balsley
  • Nann Parrett

Approve Minutes

  • Approved

Treasurer’s Report

  • Monthly Financial Report
  • We are almost to our budgeted amount on Raffle. Tomorrow will review. Will get email of total income from Raffle.
  • $186 income from Spirit and Pride
  • Only expense all month last month was childcare for PTC meeting
  • Last year white knight check came earlier. We don’t know how much we made. Sue will follow up.
  • Spring: What will we do? McKenzie

Old Business

  • Brief review of PTC sponsored events since last meeting (movie night(s), game night, box tops, walk to school day, parent teacher conference dinner)
  • Review sub-committees: By-Law committee; Programming Research Committee; Wellness Committee
  • Review Handbook PDF format plans – finalize plans
  • Spirit Wear (any updates Sue on final earnings?)
  • Paras was emailed today. Waiting for response. Handbook is done. Just finished a week ago.
  • Raffle:
    • We need a table to pull backstage. One available at HMS?
    • Party plus has one small one we could rent. Would hold raffle tix but wouldn’t hold student tix. Rent small raffle tub. Therese will wrap large box for student tix.
    • Sue and Angela on stage. Sue will MC
    • Do the drawing before finale.
    • Volunteer $50 gift card
    • Don’t order the same tix printing company
    • White Knight Games and Hobbies follow-up – any collaboration date this year (Therese)
    • Three main prizes:
      • GRAND FIRST PRIZE: Family adventure (ExWorks membership, camping gear, climbing pass, discovery package. Will ask for xc ski)
      • DATE NIGHT: (2 grand street tix, $50 to silver star, 4 tix to movie, nutcracker tix)
      • HOLIDAY FEAST: ($25 gift from natural grocer, real food themed basket, cupcakes…..rename?) Bob wards at-cost cooler big enough for a picnic. Nann get card stands to Annie.
      • Artist in residency: Therese sent email to Ernst. Also sent to Cohesion. More included to stick with Helena. Can we consider people out of town? Need to pay transportation.
  • Color Run: Turned in deposit and initial paperwork
  • Holiday Show: Volunteer drawing first. Raffle after finale.

New Business

  • After school language: Jody Delany working with foreign language teacher.
  • Para gifts: Jan 17 at Brewhouse lunch. Giving them a card. Needing table for 9 reserved.
  • Need Host family for MTC: Jan 27-Feb 2. Sue can maybe host one but won’t know until Jan. Sue will ask Heather. Cherylyn will coordinate meals week of event.
  • Officers for next year: Need Treasurer and President and secretary. We need to find people. Put it in every announcement.

Librarian’s Report (Marla Unruh) 

  • Nothing reported

Parent Advisory Committee Report

  • Nothing to report

Adjourn (Lea Chiavaras)    **We are keeping meeting to 1 hour max, tabling items we don’t get to.**


  • Wrap raffle box for student tickets. (Therese)
  • Coordinate with Jennifer Scogely about getting in HMS (Angela)
  • Bring baskets and tablecloth (Nann)
  • Reserve Brewhouse Table for Paras Jan 17 (Angela)
  • Para card Dec. 19 (Lea)
  • Ask heather about hosting MTC family (Sue)
  • Find out about wheelchair access for Holiday show (Sue)