Call to Order

Anne Peterson put in for supreme court judge and will be campaigning. Helena city commission. appointment Judge Wood

Roll Call

  • Lea Chiavaras
  • Anne Peterson
  • Sue Sweeney
  • Marla Unruh
  • Cherelyn Routzahn
  • Angela Simonson
  • Nann Parrett
  • Therese Simpson

Approve Minutes

  • Approved

Treasurer’s Report

  • January Financials emailed this afternoon. Year to date CD investment accrued $176 plus change.
  • Budget adjustment on teacher allowance. Missed a teacher. Gave her $100.
  • White Knight $ checks came in
  • Box tops $ came in
  • Original Works funding goes into PTC account for artists in residency

Old Business

  • Brief review of PTC sponsored events since last meeting: movie night
  • Review sub-committees: By-Law committee; Programming Research Committee; Wellness Committee
  • Review Handbook PDF format plans – Lea to update. Needing to do another ask.
  • Color Run updates and request for sponsor asks (Lea & Nann)
  • April 27. Nail down times to get fliers out. Event at 11 am. Are we pricing people out?
  • Sponsors: Nann needs the logos.
  • Artist in Residency – updates (Therese)
  • Good conversation with Lisa Urns ceramics artist. She has idea of three levels. Focus group on first level, talk and present her doing stuff on the wheel. Another group can play with clay and it will go away. Older kids could make something and she would fire it at her place. Can we leave at one artist now. Demonstration for younger kids.
  • MCT host families needed
  • Heather is hosting one. Cherely will host the other.
  • Reminder for PTC Officer vacancies 2019-2020 academic year
  • President and VP open
  • Treasurer will be occupied by
  • Anyone interested?

New Business

  • Box Tops due *** (Lea) When due? Needs to be sent in March 1. We want them all in by Feb. 22? Class competition. First full week in March get a pizza party. Give each class a can. Winning classroom announced March 1. Teacher can choose day.
  • Prep for MCT actors arrive 1/27, performance 2/2 (Cherelyn)
  • Prices from last year. Do they work? $5 adult $8 adult two shows $2 student one show $3 student two shows. Buttons $5. Shoutouts $1. Healthier options for snack sales?
  • 1:30 and 4:00 showtimes (to avoid Grandstreet conflict)
  • Who will type up shoutout
  • Prep for February Dance Feb. 28 from 6:30
  • Theme is BFG.

Principal’s Report (Sue Sweeney)

  • Retirement letter submitted. Dr. Ream will work with everyone for replacement. Dr. Ream will send out all steps and PTC will get it first.
  • See Sue’s January email for info

Librarian’s Report (Marla Unruh) 

  • Nothing reported

Parent Advisory Committee Report

  • Need rep for 5th grade bash. Contact Kendra

Adjourn (Lea Chiavaras)    **We are keeping meeting to 1 hour max, tabling items we don’t get to.**


  • Do password protective PDF for handbook test (Nann) (Brittany will send. Nann will distribute to PTC for test run)
  • Hire ceramics artist for residency (Therese/Sue)
  • Color run promotional pieces (Nann/Therese)
  • Work on Color Run asks (Nann/Nann)
  • Box top cans to classrooms (Lea/Sue)
  • Box Top Flier for competition Due Feb 22. (Sue/Heather)
  • Shout outs (Sue)
  • Popcorn for cinemark (Therese)
  • Make sure enough lunch bags (Nann)
  • Water and Ice for MTC (Lea)
  • Two coolers for MTC (Lea/Cherelyn/Therese)
  • Dinners for MTC (Wed, Thur, Frid, Sat) (vegetarian)
  • MTC thank you cards (Angela)
  • Background for photos at Dance (Lea)
  • DJ about dance and color run (Lea)
  • Cherelyn possible rep for 5th grade bash.