Call to Order


Anne Peterson put in for supreme court judge and will be campaigning. Helena city commission. appointment Judge Wood

Roll Call

  • Lea Chiavaras
  • Marlah Unruh
  • Mary Boyle
  • Angela Simonson
  • Meg Field
  • Angela Roberts
  • Cherelyn Rouutzahn
  • Sue Sweeney

Approve Minutes

  • Approved

Treasurer’s Report

  • Feb Financials emailed out
  • Did well with MCT. Grossed $2363.36. Best yet.
  • Other fundraising 1164.32n (White Knight, Montessori, Box Tops)
  • Expenses: still collecting some receipts. $1847.67
    • Buttons we purchased
    • 2019 MCT bill
    • Jennifer’s piano accompaniment $200
    • Membership insurance due
    • Para appreciation
  • Do we want to reinvest $10,176.85, part of it, or move it all to savings?
    • Reader board ($5,000 or $6,000). Reinvest half of it, put other half in savings.
    • Every two years do a needs assessment

Old Business

  • MTC:
    • Teddy bear raffle item
  • Movie
    • Policy sitting down. Intermission? Several warnings? Try with intermission.
  • Sub-Committees:
    • Send out new copy of bylaws before next meeting
    • Wellness report. Smoothies
  • Color run
    • can get online sponsors
    • Every $10 or sponsors, kids get into drawing
    • Xworks donating free camp (Brett board member)
    • Last year charged $25 for adults. Priced out. how can we make better? Kit comes with bib, color packet, shirt.
    • Children under 5 free, no packet
    • Participants who don’t want a shirt $10 to register. Bib and one color packet.
    • Participants 18 and under $12 with full kit (1.500)
    • Participants 18 and older $15
    • Extra color packets $3 (we make $1)
    • New banner to tie in with poster (Nann/lea)
    • Need to set up tent further or way upwind from the toss
    • Tucker will DJ. How much to donate.
    • March 8 deadline for pushing sponsor commitment
  • Art
    • Art mobile. Charge $70 per class/workshop for Fall (k-3 get class, 4-5 get assembly)
    • Therese and Sue work on finalizing artist in residency (Feb. 25-March)
  • PTC Officer vacancies
    Still needing President/Vice President/Secretary
  • Boxtops due Feb 22.
  • Dance 28th 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
    • Annie’s daughter takes photos. Ask if she’s interested. Angela can ask Ms. Knight at Helena high to see if her students. (Lea/Angela/Mary)
  • Electronic message board
  • 4/5 symphony trip donation. We are donating $125. Do what we did last year.
  • After school language program. $20 for each 4-week session. (Spanish/Gaelic)
  • Parent meeting with Dr. Ream. 6:30 feb. 19. Tuesday in the library.
  • Seed fundraiser: logistics for distribution
  • Cookbook fundraiser. Nann create sample form to send out to students

Adjourn (Lea Chiavaras) **We are keeping meeting to 1 hour max, tabling items we don’t get to.**


  • Color Run Banner/Poster Comp (Nann)
  • Color Run Registration handouts and web (Lea/Nann)
  • Ask Ms. Knight at Helena high to see if her student will take photos (Angela)
  • Finalize Artist in Residency (Sue/Therese)
  • Fundraising logistics/sample cookbook form (Nann)
  • Dance photos printed (Nann)