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Action items in red.


  1. Call to Order (Kelly)
  2. Welcome (Kelly)
  3. Roll Call (All)
    • Kelly Connelly – Presiden
    • Miranda Briggs – Incoming President
    • Julie Johnson – Treasurer
    • Ann Peterson
    • Therese Simpson – Secretary
    • Megan Field
    • Lea Chiavaras – Past President
    • Laura Conwell – Principal
    • Jacquelyn Hardamon
    • Angela Roberts
    • Marla Unruh – Librarian


1. Principal’s Report (Laura Conwell)

Welcome Laura – discussed new SMORE newsletter (nice!)

2. Treasurer’s Report (Julie)

a. Review statements


      • Step it up and not doing the raffle this year
      • Proposal – $100 gift card for each teacher, with possibly upping it if needed later (?) (last year if we made raffle goal of $3500 we gave another $100 each in January)
      • Principal Fund – leave $500 for now; may be open for discussion with Laura
      • Not sure about water filter charge this year?

b. Vote on this year’s budget


      • Budgeted $1500 for artist-in-residency; will up that budget to $3000 total ($1500 for each semester)
      • Budget approved with changes


1. Approve minutes from transition meeting

Approved- Kelly will send Nann approved minutes from June to post to PTC website
Internal year-at-a-glance calendar has been updated with dates/lead information.


1. Fundraising Goals – big items such as electronic sign, playground equipment or multiple smaller items such as resident artist program/children’s theater productions/etc.

  • Artist in residency
  • Playground equipment (not applicable this year)
  • Missoula children’s theater
  • MBI quarterly prizes for teachers and students – Laura may need to discuss with the teachers; frequency by trimester, month, etc.? Promotes behavior, following universals, etc.  Are we going to help fund this?  Suggestions include paying for lunch with their teacher of choice.

2. Review, Adjust and Approve the Year at a Glance (Miranda)

One sheeter for parents/community listing all of the events to send home once at the beginning of the year – Miranda will do this; Laura will send it out to parents monthly as well.

3. MBI Quarterly Prizes for Teachers & Students

See fundraising goals above

4. Write up a Google Doc for each event with notes for future organizers (see BBQ)

Lea et al. have streamlined events so they run very smooth throughout the year; Kelly suggests a one sheet event overview & PTC involvement details to pass on to the next person – ongoing throughout the year as events are held.

5. PTC Facebook page and updated PTC button on Broadwater Elem website (Lea)

Reported that this is working well.

6. Open House Ice Cream Social Monday, August 26th @ 4:30 – 6pm

  • Sodexo or Winco/Walmart – need to price out
  • 400 ice creams/ 300 otter pops
  • Need coolers & possibly dry ice – Kelly will coordinate and send volunteer list out
  • Purchase sandwiches (or inexpensive) from Costco
  • 2 people to serve ice cream
  • 1 person to greet and assist as needed
  • Carnival Classic 9/8/19 – Lea
  • Need volunteers

Will approach Vans, Safeway and Dirty Dozen (letters already prepared just need to be delivered)
Lea will coordinate and send volunteer list out.

7. Choose project leaders for various events and fundraising opportunities.

  • Back to school ice cream event – Kelly
  • Carnival Classic – Lea
  • Step it Up – Marla/Kelly – remember to advertise specifically for artist in residency and electronic reader board sign
  • Walk to school – Heidi Goettel (Julie will shadow)
  • Parent teacher conference food – Annie & Kelly
  • Snacks – Laura – will check with Sodexo to determine if the school qualifies for this again
  • Box tops – Lea – will check out the new process/app
  • Spirit-n-Pride t-shirts – Laura – will respond to their email to her if she decides to do it this year
  • Game Night – Angela R.
  • Taco Johns – Angela S. (Miranda will follow-up with her)
  • White Knight – Kelly
  • MCT – Cherylyn (Kelly to confirm; Julie will shadow)
  • February Dance – Stuart Little is the book – Annie
  • Color Run – Lea and Nann
  • Bingo Night – Miranda
  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon – Cherlyn & Kelly (Kelly confirm with her)
  • Governor’s Running Club – Megan & Becky
  • Original Works – Megan
  • Movie Nights – Nann (Kelly will check)
  • Artist in residency – Therese – suggestions: Julynn – check with Jodi; also Laura said they’ve done bidding, art shows, etc. check with Laura; group decided don’t wait for needs assessment this year to book, but will discuss with Laura so she can talk to teachers.

8. PDF Email of directory

Laura will check into this before we decide.

9. Amazon Smile

  • http://smile.amazon.com then select Broadwater PTC as charity of choice
  • Place info on FB page and Broadwater PTC button
  • Send flyer home with each child first week of school?

Lea will send to Laura


  1. Reserve date at Fairgrounds for 2020 Color Run
  2. Volunteer Coordinators for each event?


(Kelly) We are keeping meeting to 1 hour, will table items we don’t get to
Kelly Connolly kellysconnolly@gmail.com (remember the s in the middle ☺) cell 406-459-0617 text msgs OK

Outstanding questions

    1. I have a note about asking Patti Borneman to help us get into GuideStar, a non-profit directory, and that Nann may be talking to Patti about this. Need to confirm this at the August meeting. – Kelly emailed Nann
    2. Field Day in May – does PTC provide popsicles for this?- We did last year and would like to again. $36ish
    3. Did we decide to NOT do the big holiday raffle this year? – No Raffle