1. Call to Order (Kelly Connolly                                   
  2. Welcome (Kelly)
  3. Roll Call (All)
    • Carrie, Connie, Becky, Marla
  4. Approve minutes from previous meeting
    • Marla second – all approve
  5. Treasurer’s Report (Kelly Connolly)
    • Julie is not able to attend tonight
    • Funds added for the Panda Express event – $45.__
    • Teachers received $25 gift cards each
  6.   Old Business
    • Brief review of PTC sponsored events since last meeting: parent/teacher conference treats, $25 to teachers
      • PTC provided Jimmy Johns meal one night of conferences and snacks another night
      • teachers, specialists received $25 gift cards
      • Color Run updates left in for next year
  7. New Business
    • Teacher Appreciation Week (First week of May – May 3rd)
      • Ideas: theme each day
        • Coffee and pastries
        • A plant
        • Snack day
        • Notes
        • Evolve Drinks….
    • 21/22 Events & Leads
      • Kelly has created an event calendar in excel
        • Welcome back, carnival classic, step it up, book fair, game night, walk to school day, PTC dinners, White Night Fundraiser, Taco John’s Fundraiser, Holiday Program, Caroling, MCT, Dance, PTC dinners, McKenzie River, Bingo night, Color Run, Running Club, Teacher Appreciation WEek (include Paras – or celebrate their day seperate?), Artists in Residence, Movie Nights, Move Up Day
        • Need volunteers for
          • Manage Facebook Page
          • Manage PTC website
          • Parent Advisory Committee
    • Plan for BINGO night (SAVE FOR 2021/2022)
    • Nominations and voting for PTC Officers 2021/2022 academic year President, VP, Secretary
      • Nominees:
        • President – Miranda
        • Secretary – Kelly
        • Treasurer – Julie
    •   Discuss welcome back Ice Cream Social
      • can we plan this, or is it a wait and see for fall 2021
      • Open House night – not on calendar yet
    • Running Club this spring? (SAVE FOR 2021/2022)
      • Becky Albertson is the contact for this, they were discussing a possibility of a fall event
  8. Principal’s Report (Carrie Owen) 
    • Action items for PTC
    • Para Team
      • Have a bag for each classroom with playground materials
        • Need a few improvements in balls, etc.
        • PTC support paying for a few items
    • 5th grade suggested t-shirts instead of a yearbook – with a “signing event”
      • Will PTC sponsor shirts for kids who can’t afford it
  9. Teacher Report 
    •  Action items for PTC
      • Is Marla representing the whole staff?
      • Do we invite teachers to come?
      • Teachers do as professional service?
        • Carrie can work back over this.  Professional Service may not be appropriate.
    •  Additional information to be e-mailed to those who attend PTC meetings
    • Marla Unruh – teachers happy to have made it through the year
  • Parent Advisory Committee Report
    • Action Items for PTC
    • Additional information to be e-mailed to those who attend PTC meetings
  •   Adjourn (Kelly Connolly)    **We are keeping meetings to 1 hour max, tabling items we don’t get to.**

Next Meeting May 17, 2021 6:30

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