September 12, 2022 Meeting Minutes



  1. Call to Order/Welcome (Miranda)

  2. Roll Call

    1. Present – Becky A., Gabe Stephanie, Miranda, Julie, Emily

  3. Principals Report (Kellie Boedecker)

    1. Kelley will provide it in October

  4. Teacher/s Report

    1. None present

  5. Treasurer’s Report (Emily/Julie)

    1. See the attached information

  6. Review of PTC Bylaws

    1. All members review and make notes/suggestions for updates

    2. Gabe and Emily will look into other bylaws and how they are written, etc.

    3. Current bylaws are attached for review

  7. Old Business

    1. Donation requests from teachers

      1. Emily will send one via email for us to review and vote

    2. Spirit and Pride order

      1. Gabe and Kelly C will work on this together and determine a time.

    3. Amazon Smile

      1. Will include a link with a monthly email to Kelley B and encourage teachers to share with families.

    4. Box Tops

      1. Will include a link with a monthly email to Kelley B and encourage teachers to share with families.

    5. Artist in Residence

      1. The Holter

        1. Kelley B. is working on this and will update you when she has more information.

    6. White Knight

      1. Lead – Becky S. and Kelley C.

        1. They will contact White Knight to determine interest and select a date.

    7. Review of events to date:

      1. Ice Cream Social

        1. Great opportunity to meet families and gather a few email addresses and peak interest in PTC.

      2. Carnival Classic

        1. Very well-attended event.  The eight dozen donuts were gone within an hour and a half, purchased additional donuts, and ran out by 2:00.

        2. A raffle for a dozen Dirty Dozen donuts was completed with a winner drawn.  Need to get a gift card for Dirty Dozen and contact the winner. Miranda will do.

        3. We have created a google document with a list of materials needed for this event, lessons learned, etc. to support future Carnival Classics.

  8. New/Upcoming Business

    1. Web Page

      1. Gabrielle Rowley has volunteered to maintain the web page.

      2. The web page is currently down, Gabe is working with Nann Parret to determine what is happening.  This may be a lapse in the domain license.

    2. Taco John Night

      1. September 15

      2. Lead – Miranda

    3. Custodian Appreciation

      1. October 2

      2. Lead – Stephanie and Kelly C

        1. Miranda will send an introductory email for the two to work together and plan this.

        2. A budget of $40-50 was proposed.

    4. Cub Run

      1. October 7

      2. Lead – Angela

        1. Requested an “elevator speech” of what the Cub Run is that can be included with emails, posted on the web page, and posted on social media.

        2. Emily will work with Angela on all of the financial setup: tax ID, PayPal, etc.

        3. $5 gift card for the “top” boy and girl at each grade level

        4. Many logistical questions were sent to Anastasia to support the Cub Run:

          1. Class rosters

          2. An outdoor outlet for the running inflatable arch?

          3. Can we borrow a few tables and chairs on the day of the event, how do we get access at 7:30 a.m.?

          4. Is there a water source available to fill and re-fill the large orange drinking water container?

        5. Need volunteers on October 7!

        6. Need volunteers to assist in stuffing grab bags before the event.

          1. Any volunteers?

    5. Parent Teacher Conferences

      1. October 17 and 18

      2. Lead – Kelly C

        1. Kelly will create a sign-up genius for one evening with a potluck and make arrangements for Jimmy Johns, pizza, ____ for the other night.

    6. Game Night

      1. Previously scheduled for October 27 – MOVING TO MARCH

      2. Lead: Becky S

    7. Book Fair

      1. October 24

      2. Marla

      3. Need volunteers

  9. Parent Advisory Committee Report

    1. Julie find out when the meeting will be held this school year and get the information back to the PTC.

    2. Emily and/or Stephanie are interested in attending.

  10. Approve minutes from the previous meeting

  11. Next Meeting:

    1. October 17 at 6:00 p.m.

      1. this is the night of Parent Teacher Conferences. May need to consider holding at a different date.

      2. Proposed dates: October 10 or October 24

  12. Adjourn