About Us

Our Mission

The Broadwater Elementary School PTC is organized for the purpose of supporting and enhancing the educational experiences of children at Broadwater Elementary School in Helena, Montana, by:

  • Providing an organization through which parents/guardians, teachers, school staff, and community members can work cooperatively;
  • Providing financial support for educational, social and recreational programs and materials funded outside of the annual Helena School District budget;
  • Supporting and sponsoring school-based events as a means to strengthen and sustain the school community; and
  • Collaborating with members of the community, businesspeople and other local partners who endeavor to enrich and broaden the educational needs of students at Broadwater Elementary School.

Our 2023-2024 PTC Officers

President: Stephanie Grosz
Secretary: Laura Anton
Treasurer: Emily McKeever
Contact the PTC and officers at BroadwaterSchoolPTC@gmail.com